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Becky and India

Traveling Historians and Antique Collectors

Becky and India are two young, ambitious bloggers, travelers, and antique collectors. Both studying history at the University of Oxford, they have a passion for discovering and preserving historical treasures.

Creative Collections
Attractive girl sitting, she is a tourist and is visiting Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A Young Historian and Antique Enthusiast

At the young age of 23, Becky has already made a name for herself in the world of history and antiques. With her love for history and her eye for detail, Becky is always on the hunt for unique and valuable artifacts. From ancient coins to rare paintings, Becky has an extensive collection that she showcases on her blog, DornFall.


A Passionate Traveler and Antique Collector

At 25, India is a well-rounded historian and antique collector. She has a passion for traveling to different historical places and discovering new and unique artifacts. With her in-depth knowledge of history, India is always looking to expand her collection and share her experiences with others. Through her blog, India has become an inspiration to many young travelers and antique collectors.

A Visit to the Colosseum

Recently, Becky and India visited the famous Colosseum in Rome and wrote a blog post about their experience, entitled “Exploring the Heart of Ancient Rome: A Visit to the Colosseum”. The post was well-received by vloggers and bloggers across the nation and praised for its engaging narrative and interesting insights into the history of the Colosseum.